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Club Black Freighter

Anyone sign up for this yet?  I'm thinking about it

Oh crap!!!

I am 100% in as soon as I read the fine print. I've never done anything like this before but I am a nut for the Watchmen toys. I wonder how these will compare to the previous line of 6" figures.

Hope they branch out and do some weird stuff, would love a Bubastis.

Thanks for the info!

So...about two hours left to sign up, I got my order in just under the wire. I figure this is the way to go, I'm definitely going to want all of these figures and they're not going to be cheaper anywhere else.

Suck we have to wait 5 more months before the first figure ships though. The previews at SDCC for Rorschach and Dr Manhattan looked pretty sweet.

Mikey D:
Silk Spectre

Thanks for posting! Looks good from the waist up, but those legs are a train wreck. Gotta fix those before final release.

Can't wait to start getting these!


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