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By the looks of it, AP thought he had the record. Oh well, I'll take the win!


--- Quote from: Jayson on December 30, 2012, 07:48 PM ---By the looks of it, AP thought he had the record. Oh well, I'll take the win!

--- End quote ---

9 yards shy...they should have shanked the field goal and given him a chance at crushing the record via overtime.

Hopefully the Tony Romo experiment is over here now.  And the Jason Garret and Rob Ryan and Dez Bryant......

(Yes I know Jerry Jones as GM is the real problem, but that won't change any time soon and except for not being smart enough to hire a GM he is a Great Owner)

I keep reading (probably just local writers) say that 20 other teams in the NFL would take Romo over their QB... I can think of maybe 3 (and sadly I'd be willing to take their QB's, so I think it is a matter of perspective.)

I would be up for cutting everyone on the team, firing all the coaches and trainers and starting over.  Jason Witten deserves to play for a winner.

With the playoffs just days away, keeping in mind that I am a 100% rooting jinx, I will cheer for your team's opponent this weekend for Hobbit Figures or Imperial Navy Commanders the price goes up in the 4th Quarter.

Now I can watch Hockey...what channel did they move that to?


Beating the Cowboys at home for the NFCE championship...almost surreal it was so excellent.  ;D

I never thought it would take 13 years between division titles, but I suspect the wait til the next one will not be as long. What an amazing run!

Just goes to show the importance of the draft, and how drafting well can change the whole course of a franchise. Not to mention organizational stability. The front office finally figured that out.

Gonna be one helluva game come Sunday. Wilson and the 'hawks are scary good on both sides of the ball.


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