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BREAKING NEWS: The NFL just announced that next year's Super Bowl venue has been changed to a Motel 6. They always leave the lights on.   :P

Straight up: if the Ravens had not pulled that out, it would have been a tainted outcome and an even HUGER bacl eye for the league. CLEARLY, the power outage impacted the competitive balance of the game. If Baltimore had gone on to lose that game their fans would have a LOT to complain about today, IMHO.

No matter what the reason, that was an inexcusable occurence for the biggest live TV broadcast all year. Several people should be fired over that debacle. Is it really so hard to design an illumination system that DOESN'T take 35 minutes to cycle back up after a power surge?

I also liked how after the LaMichael James fumble, the TV cameras proceeded to fixate on him on the SF sideline for pretty much the entirety of the Raven's resulting TD drive, but for the WHOLE 35 minute outage debacle, somehow the cameras couldn't seem to find the commissioner in his luxury box suite. I guess the media only enjoys humiliating the players, not the executives.

I was hoping for a complete wardrobe malfunction on Beyonce's part.

+1 to that.  Maybe there was a wardrobe malfunction and that's why they killed the lights? 

M - with you on being thankful the 49ersthe didn't pull off the upset.  An extra half hour time out to regroup obviously was working in the niners favor, so glad we dont have to deal with conspiracy theory the day after. 

I thought the deliberate safety at the end was brilliant, but couldnt help thinking how that play changed the betting results for so many people.  Definitely a fun and drama filled game.

Jesse James:
+2 on Beyonce...  The hips were mesmerizing.

I can't agree on the lights out... People need fired?  Who?  Because it impacted a spectator sport that means nothing?  I just can't agree.  I imagine it's the ammount of power that is required in a building that size, and lights that size, that requires that kind of a reboot time...  plus probably some safety checks to make sure when the cycle's up things don't pop on their end.  If you get a power surge to your house you don't just flick everything back on without some care.

Likewise don't think the Ravens would've had much excuse had they lost...  I just don't agree.  They were given equal time to circle the wagons, make their game plan...  Who knows if the Niners even needed that long?  Maybe the half, they had changed enough to come out guns blazing like they did.  It's like saying because it snowed or rained, one team was affected more than the other, and that's why they lost.  It's a "**** happens" scenario, and one that impacted both teams equally.  What they did with it was on them.


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