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Well, that little experience sure did suck!

After the site didn't allow me to log in at 8:00 I tried for about eight minutes then just gave up and went to the official site. The SDCC site had a link to the ticket site and I went right in but I was about the2700Th person in line. by the time I was able to get in to buy the tickets all but Thursday and Sunday were left, Then I tried to get my wife's and Thursday was sold out in the short time I was paying for mine.

Jesse James:
Holy **** dude...  I didn't even realize these went on sale again already.  What a mess that show's become.  Seriously it's really almost too big it seems.

The only ones able to purchase tickets to the 2013 con were the ones that were registered to buy the 2012 tickets :-\ :P ???. I don't know if an advanced warning was given to the general population since they were not able to purchase tickets, I'm sure the SDCC comity didn't want those email, phone calls and threats. There might be a chance for future ticket sales later but even then, to whom are they going to sell the remaining few?. Exhibitors, professionals and press passed are still not for sale, those will be sold next year.

There will be a chance to purchase returned tickets later this month.

Jesse James:
Hope you land some man.


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