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Congrats.  Oddly Yahoo had an article about why not to pick the Patriots.  Not that they'd lose, but how much better your odds of winning the pool would be should they lose.  Apparently they were correct.

I never really thought of it that way. My goal was never really to win the pool, but to make it through a whole season. 

The furthest I've ever gotten was about week 8.

Yeah I think I've lost every year around week 4 or 5 due to just plain forgetting to make a pick.

It's funny because most of the time my strategy is if there's two crappy teams playing, pick the team that's least crappy because chances are you won't have to risk picking them at the end of the season when they're playing better teams.

Oddly enough I originally picked Washington until Sunday morning, then changed my mind. Good call.

No one else picked the Bucs on Thursday?!  I'm very disappointed in you guys.   :'(

Once again I'm doing a College Football Bowl Pick Em if anyone wants to join... it's mainly me and a few others from another forum I post at but JDers are always welcome
Group ID: 12570
Group Name: CWO Cruisers
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