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Probably the second most controversial figure so far on the countdown.  Technically, there is no perfect representation of the vintage figure.  The POTF2 figure in looks, looks like the vintage figure but the backpack is wrong and there is the zipper placement

I myself am perfectly fine with the last one even though they for some reason love to give Rebels facial hair for no real reason

I'd like to get several in different styles, just to make a more ragtag squad.

There are definitely significant differences between the Kenner Rebel Commando and ALL of the versions that have come out in the modern era.  That original POTF2 version might be the closest in appearance to the vintage figure, but it also has all of the limited articulation of a Kenner era figure.

And then there's all of these versions we've gotten:  molded on helmets, removable helmets, troopers with facial hair which takes away from their troop building appeal, bald troopers, different ethnicities, headsets with plugs, DVD tin sets, softgoods vs molded vests.....BLECK!

I'm just waiting for TWO good Endor troopers: 

First Version:  A kitbash of the current TVC Endor Rebel Commando with the following:
    -Generic appearance (with the option for a running change for Nik Sant)
    -Plastic molded vest (ala SAGA 2002 Endor Rebel)
    -Including rifle, blaster pistol with holster, helmet & backpack)

Second Version:  A new SA Endor Rebel in the full jumpsuit
    -Generic appearance
    -Including rifle, blaster pistol with holster, helmet & backpack)


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