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Well, no CW shown at Toy Fair.  It appears that this wave truly is the last gasp of the animated Clone Wars line.

No one bothered to confirm yet?

Hey, they didn't show anything for Clone Wars at SDCC either, as I recall. But we still got new stuff after that.

I know, longest of long shots...just hoping they might go out with a surprise multi-pack or mail-away offer or something else as a nice nod to all the collectors who actually did support this line.

Probably too much to expect from that lot though.

Arnie from Star Wars Action News:

--- Quote --- Just found out-Clone Wars animated style figures done for the time being. Some characters in realistic style may be in the low articulated Saga Legends line. Black series ( both scales) to stay focused on films
--- End quote ---

Or what Jeff posted in the other thread

I had noticed some Clone Wars figures in this picture with the Mission Heroes stuff:

I guess these are just misplaced Wave 1 figures, huh?

from GH FB page:

--- Quote ---Clone Wars figures shown at CVI will not be released in US.
--- End quote ---



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