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And the kicks in the crotch from Hasbro continue. Anyone want to play a game and see who can take a picture with the most Obi-wons in it starting with this wave. I will be exempt of course because the 12 Anakins and numerous Obis that have kept me from seeing a new figure since wave one are clogging the pegs in all of my areas stores.

Looks like there is also going to be repacks of Cody, Maul, and Opress (Armored) in this wave.

Jesse James:
Official Hasbro Press Images Posted

Check 'em out!

Rune Haako:
Nice to see the Battle Droid's got new articulated arms, but it should've gotten articulated knees and ankles too.

Interesting how they kept the Maul and Oppress figures out of the slide show only to pass them on this way. I wonder if they did that because it's hard to sell an exclusive Battle Pack 10 slides later when you just showed off that 2 of the 3 figures in the battle pack are coming out on individual card backs....



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