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So is Medicom killing the Kubrick Star Wars line...???

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Man, I hate this no news about the next wave. No news is felling like bad news to me.
Anyone have any info or leaks??

Naw man, waiting is half the fun. Medicom likes it this way and to be honest so do I. Gives collectors time to catch up.

I thought they give out new info in July Aug for the new series and it's Sept already.
Was looking forward to news of a Bespin series, but to tell the truth I'm losing interest with all this hush hush nonsense.
I'm thinking the BAF is going to be the demise of this line, I'd rather just have 9 new figures.
It must be costing them to much to produce and they could just scrap the line instead of going back to the original 6 and chases.
Just a thought...

I would take any news about anything at this point....

Episode 7 kubs coming 2015?

Anyway now Disney own Star Wars they may not renew the contract with Medicom (Assuming it hasn't already expired).

It looks like they've retired the kubrick line and just moved everything over to bearbrick repaints.


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