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2013 Movie Heroes Basic Figures (Yoda cardback)

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Spirit of MAC:
Here's what we know so far:

* Jango Fett (Pilot)
* Sandtrooper
* Battle Droid (red)
* Anakin Skywalker (ROTS)
* Yoda
* Darth Maul
* Obi-Wan Kenobi (AOTC)
* R2-D2
* Darth VaderAs for these three, I'm absolutely speechless:

I know Hasbro's officially gone on the record umpteen times at C6 saying the MH line is now a kid's line, but c'mon, even those decade old sculpts are insulting to the children!  I guess this is a good reminder of where the old figures go when the Hasbro reps (used to) clear the pegs at B&M stores.  Epic fail.  Wow.

Here's thumbs of the rest of the lineup:

No way in hell that Sandtrooper's going to stand up if he's not leaning on his vacuum as a crutch.  I guess it's a smart move to get that Pilot Jango out there with the upcoming Slave-1 (mini) re-release, so kudos to Hasbro for finally putting 1 + 1 together.  And now that I think of it, I guess that's the FX R2 there, which probably makes more sense for the kids, as opposed to any other R2s with an articulated dome.

So is there anything new in that mix, other than the light-up saber Anakin and the Sandtrooper's vacuum accessory (or is it a blower)?  I'll be picking up those two, at least, but hopefully that's it.

Why this line is even continuing is beyond me.

But if it MUST continue, I hope they at least repack stuff like the Light Up Saber figures and maybe the HTF stuff from the line that was actually new (Anakin, Padme, etc.)

Jesse James:
Wish I was sure which sculpt that droid is...  If it's not the newest one, but was the one from the BAD Legends line, I'd buy.

I MIGHT nab that Sandtrooper...  Dunno why but I find a big vacuum cleaner-looking gun interesting.

The rest, I'm not interested in...  I'm kinda surprised they got me with anything in this line though.

I thought the Battle Droid was a red version of the new exploding one shown at SDCC.

Some people are saying it looks as if Sandtrooper's gun is part of his arm. These photos are so doctored, its not clear. Odds are they are right.

Surely, a basic Phase 1 Clone Trooper is one of the first 12. Super Battle droid and/or Destroyer droid are likely.

I just paid a quarter for that R2 at a garage sale on saturday.'s popular and common as heck.

Does the appearance of the Battledroid in Red and Light-up ROTS Anakin mean that the final wave with Anakin, Boba and Tan Exploding Battledroid are now cancelled or is that wave still coming before the end of this year?


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