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Anyone else get an email saying our draft was last night?  I did... then I forgot about it... then I checked to see what my team looks like and found out that we still have over two weeks to go.


Yeah, sorry.  I got the email too and then went and changed the date.  I honestly don't expect the season to start on time and I'd guess we're looking at January before we get going.  So I'll just keep pushing the date back.  It's currently set at the latest date Yahoo allows but I assume that will move as the NHL cancels regular season games. 

Gotcha.  I hadn't been paying much attention to the labor dispute stuff.

Moved draft date to October 17 (Wednesday) which is the latest date on Yahoo at the moment.  I'm not keen on the date as I'll be in Turkey at the time, but we'll see what happens.

Would be nice to add a couple more players, all are welcome. 

Turkey!?  Nice.

I've always wanted to go.  Vacation?


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