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Will your collecting habits change?

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After SDCC, and C6, and seeing what new product Hasbro has on the horizon, I can say that for the first time since 1995, I will not be buying the next line of figures.  I just can't get behind the Droid Factory character choices, as they seem to all be resculpts.  I just can't do it anymore, as much as I'd like to make the new droids.  Granted, I may buy one ore two (I like that Pablo Jill type Jedi) but that's about it.  I'm also done with The Clone Wars line, even though I would support that with great enthusiasm if there were a wide selection of characters.  (Season 4 was a goldmine of coolness...)

That being said, I'm looking at next year, and I have decided to put some money into displays, and instead of wasting time looking for stuff, I will sort and organize what I have.  I'm really excited to do this, and this downtime seems like a great opportunity.  Maybe in the fall of 2013, when AOTC and ROTS hit the big screen again some cool product might show up, I'll jump right back in, but for now, I'm outta here!  (Not here, as in these forums, because this is still fun, but "outta here" as in I'm not buying anything anymore because I have it all and...oh, you get what I mean.)

Force Guy:

--- Quote from: speedermike on September  5, 2012, 12:48 AM ---I just can't get behind the Droid Factory character choices, as they seem to all be resculpts. 

--- End quote ---

Redundancy is the theme for 2013 and yeah, I feel the same way.  Vintage was fun while it lasted, and had a good run, IMO.  I collected 39 TVC figures in all.  And as far as Clone Wars is concerned (a series I absolutely hate, btw), to date, I've only collected 1 figure.  That's it.  And with Movie Heroes, 1 as well.  Will my collecting habits change?  Well, I've scaled back for some time now, and will continue to do so given the choices for figures in 2013 revealed thus far.  There's only so many frickin Obi-Wans, Anakins, Vaders, Clone Troopers, Battle Droids, etc. I can take.  In fact, I'm completely baffled as to why there are still collectors out there that continue to buy everything.  I mean, do people really need 30 Obi-Wan figures in their collection?  To each their own, I guess.  I love being picky and selective about what I buy though, and my wallet loves it too.       

Jesse James:
I'm hashing out a lot of things these days, and what I'm doing for 2013 is among them...   I want to collect.  I'm happy with the choices (I like the realistic CW enough that they have me sort of giddy, and the rest I'm ok with but I'd like to see a slightly better showing for the next wave or 2).

I just need to sort some things out...  Life's gotten in the way for me of late.

Spirit of MAC:

--- Quote from: speedermike on September  5, 2012, 12:48 AM ---I just can't get behind the Droid Factory character choices, as they seem to all be resculpts
--- End quote ---

Well, to be honest, unless the figures are EU, CW, Cliegg Lars, Tonnika Sisters, Torryn Farr, Sim Aloo, Sgt. Doallyn, or a miniscule handful of other characters, everything from here on out is going to be a resculpt, right?  That's just the way of things at this point, after 17 years of the modern line (wow, that sounds like a long time).  That said, I definitely agree that the first couple waves are pretty boring, even for resculpts.  But I've pretty much accepted that the final 8(?) years of Hasbro's SW figures are going to be 90% or more resculpts.  Even so, I'll probably be buying them all, just to stay complete.  No point stopping now, when I'm (hopefully) more than 2/3rds of the way through the line!

Force Guy, why do you hate The Clone Wars?  Have you seen it recently?  While there are some bummer episodes (like all TV) I think that when it's on its "A" game, it comes closer to the spirit of the OT than the prequels ever did.  It can be exciting, funny, and thoughtful. 

Spirit Of Mace, I agree with what you are saying about most of it being resculpts.  I understand that and have accepted it.  However, I can think of many, many figures from the films that have not been done.  And I think that making a wave that does not have at least one never before made character is a slap in the face to the die-hards.  It creates zero excitement.

And what I don't really understand is the need to resculpt.  Lets say Hasbro wants to release an ANH wave.  Let's say they want to put out eight figures in this wave.  They already have excellent sculpts of Luke, Han, Chewie, Vader, Stormtrooper and R2.  They don't need to spend a dime on them.  Then make two new characters, such as one of the guys who is with Jabba in Docking Bay 94, and perhaps an Imperial officer with the white top.  Families and kids would buy the first six, collectors would grab the last two.  I just can't see why this sort of system couldn't work.


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