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EE Exclusive Scout Trooper Ewok Attack Maquette

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--- Quote from: Jayson on September  8, 2012, 11:27 PM ---Jocasta Nu hemorrhoid pillow  :P

--- End quote ---

Dang it Jayson.. I was going with Holographic Jocasta Nu.

I will change it to : Mandolorian Shuttle

Shadow X-Wing Pilot

Or a Rebel Fleet Trooper with a holster

Spirit of MAC:
I'm guessing Pawlus brilliantly convinced Hasbro & Disney to pass along a complete 63 piece set of the Disney astromech exclusives (sans hats).  $119/per.  **Pete cringes**

That, or Cliegg Lars (w/ chair) in a battle with BT for best overpriced AOTC character debut figure in 2013.

I think it will be the GG Rocket Firing Jumbo Fett

Luke, Vader and the pyre?


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