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Invites were sent to last year's players.  Always welcoming new players with at least three openings to be had if anyone would like to join up.

League ID# 9411
password: berry

Take a look at the draft date/time, let me know any conflicts.  You know who I'm looking at.   :-*

Looking for some more players here.  8-10 is the ideal league size.  All are welcome, especially newcomers. 

Dressel Rebel:
Hey guys - I'm sorry to decide this especially so late but I'm completely and thoroughly not in the mood to follow the NBA this year.  I just don't want to spend any time looking at box scores or following players.  The Knicks suck, I hate the Heat, and I've got other passions and this just isn't one of them anymore.

Have fun playing and maybe I'll join up with you guys in future seasons.

Sorry to hear that.

Anyone else want to join or know anyone willing to?  We're down to five and eight is sort of a good size.  Ten would be great.  Perfect time to launch your JD sports career.

I'll put it into Watto's real quick... not sure it will help being last minute, but it's worth a shot...


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