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Jesse James:
Up for pre-order and the exclusive has an "angry" hulk smash kind of headsculpt as an extra!  Nice!

Go.  Buy.  Now.

Or you'll miss out on the extra noggin'!

That' what happens when I take a break from all this.  Something I've been waiting for comes out!

I received the 21 day out message for this figure last week.  I'm looking forward to finishing my Obi-Wan focus with Sideshow (unless they make an Obi-Wan ghost).

I got my notice as well.  I am wondering what the future is for this line.  After this one ships, the only pre-order left is the prequel Yoda with a shipping estimate in June.  Generally, we would have seen an onslaught of pre-orders at this point.  I can't recall the last time the queue had gotten so low with Sideshow 12" figures.

Got the processing e-mail.  I'm kind of excited to get this one.  Probably my last Sideshow figure and it's been a while since I've added anything to the collection.


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