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I don't know if you guys have seen this. What if Star Wars on TV looked like this.

That's really fantastic. I can't wait until it's done.

Jesse James:
I'm not sure this is the right area for it since it's not on TV...  yet...  ;D

I watched the video a little while ago and it's outstanding work.  It's very heavily influenced by the TIE Fighter video game (the attention to detail on the cockpit instrumentations are really quite nice, and appreciated!  Loved the flight sim games and I like that someone would take the time to put their details into an obvious labor of love like this animation appears to be).

I liked some of his style too, like having the cut-away of the flight suits and helmets to show the TIE Pilots for the people that they actually are instead of the typical "faceless soldier of the Empire". 

I dug that he made the bomber pilot a woman as well...  Pretty slick.  If I had any critique it would just be the bridge commander's seemingly off colors on the uniform.  Would've preferred seeing simply navy grey or maybe Thrawn with Pelleon behind him....  unless he was raelly not wanting to touch on anything too specific from SW lore of course.

I would love to see him do something similar with X-Wing...  I always preferred the Rebels despite TIE Fighter being a superior gaming engine.  X-Wing is, was, and always will be one of the biggest reasons I got back into Star Wars in my teen years.  It easily roped me in.  I felt it had a more compelling character that you played as, as well.

If this animation, and the basic principle of following a TIE Squad (or Rebel squad) around on a weekly TV show, were to make it through LFL approval, I'd be 100% behind it.  It's OT, it's Star Warring, it's avoiding (mostly) main characters and instead developing third or fourth tier characters into something much more (with occasional interaction with the "mains")...  I'd love a show like that.  Plus the animation is really beautifully done...  I like TCW, but I really prefer this I think.

Oh yeah, this is really awesome and I'd be all over any expansion on this little snippet.  It surfaced on the X-Wing miniatures boards a little while ago as it naturally fit in there.

Jesse James:
Imagine the toys you could get to a line like this...  Army builders would all need new pants if there was suddenly an announcement of toys to match a series based on this animation snippit.


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