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Here's some updated pics and new additions:

Of note: 

* I updated some pics of the collectin including more autographed comics (recently obtained more Ron Frenz an Bob McLeod orignal Marvel SW autographed comics at some loca conventions).

* I added some pics of the original vintage 3 bagged comic books (#1-#3) I recently obtained at a local convention.

* I'm just a few shy of the orignal #1-#107 Marvel SW run.

* I'm thinkingabout hvin my #1 Marvel's n perfect condition, just a beauty!

Enjoy, ad alays looking to see others comic book collections and ho they display.

Jesse James:
Not a lot of Comic guys here, at least not that display them that I know of Bob, but your collection looks great... 

I always bought just to read, and actually I'm looking to sell off my collection, if you're interested.  LMK.  You'd get some complete series in there for sure, and tons of other stuff.  I just never thought of keepign them for the collection.

I have just about every individual issue of the modern SW comics and almot all of the vintage.  I'm only missng a couple standard ones here and there (a couple of the moder classic ones.. kind of an oxy moron I guess)

Vintage Wants:
Vintage SW Marvel: #66, #75, #80, #102, #105
Vinatge Droids: #4, #5, #7
Vintage Ewoks: forget which #'s but I know it's the later ones.
Orginal SW 3-D: #2, and #3

Modern Wants:
Classic Star Wars (the run with the issue # in the upper right corner) #9, #10

That's it as far as all the vintage and modern I need.

Modern Possible Wants:
Any modern cover variation cover, however, not too passionate about and I typically only look for really cheap  clearance deals.

Trouble is with comics oer the years, I've found most of my issues for only a few $ or less (much harder to find realy ceap now), you almost have to fnd at a convention, becaue once you figure a few $ in for S&H it doesn't make it worth it.


Met Kip from the group (PSWCS) the other night...traded some of my older promo, freebie, convention giveaway type stuff with him for a handful of the modern variant SW comic book covers.  Great guy, and since he works with the local comic stores, it was nat to see everything he had.  Got some other stuff, but as far as comics goes, that was it.  Oh, also got the Celebraton VI Dark Horse Dawn of the Jedi patch off of him as well.

Pretty goodseries lately.

Dawn of the Jedi..I rather enjoyed. Looking forward to more.
Darth Maul- Lots of action, love it,  can't wait to see how it ends.  More more more.

Lost Tribe of the Sith- Thougt thi would be my fav going in.  It's's fairly good...somethings off with this one, can't quite put a finger on it.  Something about a city on one side of a planet that was never found after 1,000 of years until they discovered boats ????  I dunno...Hard to believe.  I guess some folks crash landed, but it took forever untl another planet made boats...I'ma little cnfused on this one.  Plus, the cover art on the last issue is ver amateurish.

The Various Vader offereings were just fantastic!


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