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Bobafett14 collection pics updated


Here'ssome photobucket pics (up to over 6,400 item in the collection)

You can click on each indivdual folder to view pics...enjoy!


Very cool! I so want that ROTJ arcade cab.

Haha! Thanks!

I need to work on that...a lot of the pics are older from about 5-8 years ago or so.  Some like the poster I recently updated (I still need to get all the photos of everyone signing framed and hung around it.  I added some autographed figs, comics, etc. I've obtained over the last few years as well... still some work to be done.

I'm starting to post some misc toys I've found in grams attic.  Things like my Power Passers set, the Electric football, some hot wheels, erector set, commodore 64, Odessey 2, Atari, etc. etc.  Always fun.  SW is still by far the main focus, but have some misc toys and sports collectibles here and there as well.

I love checking out everyones collection pics!


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