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OK, you asked for them.  Now here they are:

wait, what?  You didn't ask for these?   :P

I can't decide on whether I think think these will do marginally well, or epically flop.

Wow, I'll probably get the game, be fun to play. but merchandise?

But this has Star Wars M-pire written all over it.

But, if it does well and makes a ton of money, maybe we can get some new figs made in other lines

I think this has "Epic Fail" written all over it.

Was anyone looking for a tie-in between Angry Birds and Star Wars?

Angry Birds GI Joe is next.

I guess I'm in the minority thinking these are fun nick-nack type of things to go on my desk at work...  Probably futile, but has anyone seen a listing of which characters are in the Series 1 blind packs?

So far I've found:
Darth Vader Pig
AT-AT Driver Pig
Rancor Pig
Han in Carbonite
Panda Baba Pig
Rebel Hoth Trooper

I think there is also:
Leia Boush
Luke Skywalker Bird
Snowtrooper Pig
Stormtrooper Pig
Han Solo Bird

Any others?

I think I'm going to have to get the early bird pack to get the Chewie and R2D2.


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