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Ok. This is getting just sad.

I've been playing the new SW Angry Birds game off and on during the day (don't tell my work) and I have to say that it is really fun...way more fun than I thought it was going to be

How they have worked the SW motif into the game is pretty cool.  I used to love me some Angry Birds and would obsess over getting three stars on every level (which I did on the original game!)  Then came Seasons and Rio and Space and it got old.  I'm back times

I've played through all the Angry Birds games.  Never obsessed over 3 stars.  This one is a lot of fun, combining elements from traditional and "space" gameplay.

I played a couple of the previous versions of Angry Birds from time to time (mainly with our daughter, who loves it), but never went through any of those games completely.  We've been playing the Star Wars version quite a bit though, and I think it is pretty fun.  For some reason, I laugh almost every time I hear the "yahooo" when you launch the Han Solo bird.  Pretty good stuff so far.

We've installed it on all our devices including Windows 8. The kids have ditched "Where's my Perry?" for this game.


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