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Who Wants More Ewoks?

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Anyone Ewoked out? (Brent can't answer this question)

Seems like we've hit critical mass on the little guys and I know my shelf is bursting with Ewok goodness.  As I said somewhere in another thread I usually buy 2-3 of each and swaps hoods with others.  The joys of universal necks and heads!

Who else do you want, who else needs to be done...or are you done?

I'd like them to continue to issue a Ewok-centric piece at least once a year. The pack-ins can be generic but I'd like at least a catapult with team, a few more archers, rock/bola throwers and various spear-chuckers. (Is that term allowed?)  :P

Plus we need that log reissue  :P

Jesse James:
I'm with Jayson that I'd take a catapult...  I would be ok with a bolo one too...  I'm kind of done at that though, but the Catapult would probably be my only big Ewok want that I can think of really.  If they were 2-packs in the basic line I'd be a little more interested in randoms.  A nice distinctly black/light grey or white striped one would be high on my list...  repainted Wokling accessories would be cool too.

I'd ALSO kind of be interested in a spit/fire thing, as its own little accessory, maybe with an Ewok or something.  The little guy singing a song while he builds the fire perhaps, to cook up Han.  Give him a torch from the Sallah figure even.

I think I'm good for this year, but I know there's a few out there that I'd like to see done:

The one elder smoking the pipe, or as I call him, "The Dude"
Keoulkeech was already done, but would be nice to see him released again in a non-EU pack.
There's also one Ewok that looked like s/he had mostly white fur

And some baby Ewoks that I just noticed the other night (minus the last one, which we have).

I'm having fun with the Ewoks, and I can't say I regret buying any of them. Count me in for a catapult as's something I've been toying around with making (since it's basically string and sticks.

I would like to see at least all the Ewoks depicted on screen released, and I'm almost ashamed to say it, but I'd like to get Teek as well. I obviously didn't get that Disney thing that he was in.

I'd also like some Ewok set pieces as well...barbecue and whatnot.


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