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I looked for a thread on this line but I did not find one - does anyone else here collect these?

I just started by ordering some, errr, too many last night.  My wife is going to kill me.... 

Here is what I think I am going to be collecting from the line that is either currently released or slated to be released (I would like to say limiting my self to).  Basically this breaks down to The Predator from the first movie and all of the Predators in Predator 2 - these Predators are called "The Lost Tribe":

S7 City Hunter
*S6 Scout, Warrior, and Lost  this is the current wave
S5 Snake, Guardian, Stalker
S4 Shaman, Boar
S3 - Elder
most likely nothing from series 1 or 2

and then hold off and wait for an updated classic Predator

and here is what I ordered last night:   :-X

I ordered all 6 figures of series 5 and 6 from ordering them two at a time. The reason I ordered this way was because they are doing a buy one get one 40% off promo and only one discount per transaction. Thankfully I also have shoprunner free shipping through the end of the year so shipping was all free....

Then I ordered both Shaman and Boar from at just under $16 a piece and both were eligible for free shipping so I went that route.

so really all I need is the Elder and City and Jungle and I think I will have a pretty kickin collection. I will try and hold myself back from collecting outside of the first 2 movies - except for Big red and maybe the phasing Falconer in series 7 - they look pretty cool.

Oh yeah, these are just, plain awesome. I've picked up pretty much all of them (the ones from Predator and Predator 2, not the other movies), and I love them. I only passed on two of them: Snake and Stalker. Snake just didn't really get me as amped up as the other ones, and Stalker is too similar to Boar. They're both very cool, and I may circle back and pick them up eventually, but for now I'm happy owning all the rest of them.

I really want them to revisit Elder and Classic (or as he's called on the AVP boards "Anytime") with the upgraded articulation.

While we're on the topic, have you seen the shots for the upcoming Dutch figures? They'll apparently feature the same articulation, which is awesome. Now if we could just get a Jesse Ventura with a gatling gun...

yeah an update on my ordering.  TRU sent me 2 Guardians and no Stalker but thye have already fixed it by sending me a replacement and me shipping them back the extra figure.

Also, my Boar and Shaman came from and one of them had the bubble completely separated from the card and the other one was almost all of the way off. I am an opener anyway so I wasn't mad, but I did think it was wrong for the seller to list them as "new" so I proceeded to leave feedback stating the item was not as described. As I started to select the negative option for the review amazon's website asked me to contact customer service before doing so - so I did via chat.

I explained it to the customer service rep and she apologized and asked if I would like to return them, I said no I will keep them, I just wanted the seller to not list items like this as "new". The rep understood and said she would get the listing changed. She then offered me, without me expecting anything, half off my order (so basically one of the figures free). I said sure!

And finally, especially since I felt like I got a free figure, I sprung the little extra cash for the Elder on ebay. There was a loose one up for a starting bid of $14 with a Buy It Now of $22. I just hit the buy it now, though I could have bid or been more patient - but I certainly don't feel like I got a bad deal. I hope he makes the shipping ok as I have heard he is kind of fragile.

So now I am left with needing the 2 main Predators from the first two movies.

I don't think I want more than one of each so it comes down to Helmet vs No Helmet. 

The City Hunter (P2) is coming out with Helmet in Wave 7 and he has good accessories and all the articulation updates this line has seen.
And also, from what I have heard via speculation on other threads, Jungle aka Anytime from P1 will pretty much obviously see some sort of release when Arnold hits the shelves - I guess this is the 25th anniversary of the first movie.

so here is a question I asked on anotheR forum:

Between the Jungle Hunter from Predator and the City Hunter from Predator 2, which do you think has their mask off longer in their movie?

Or, which of the two do you feel is more well known for his look with his helmet off?

Sweet deals you got there!  8)

As for the helmet, the P2 guy, or "Pussyface", as he called in the fan forums, definitely has his mask off longer. It's actually off for the whole final battle. But since I have a few Predators with no mask (Elder, Lost, Shaman), I opted to get the masked versions of both "main" Preds.

I bought the TRU 2-pack (still available at some stores) and sold the half-cloaked Berserker. I have to say, I love the masked P-face Predator, mainly because I had this poster hanging in my room for pretty much my whole teen years, and that shows him masked and holding the spear. The 2-pack also includes a skull/spine and a Predator skull. I didn't collect the Rodriguez Predators movie figures, but I liked the Predator skull accessory.

It would be ideal if NECA would give us both heads and have them be interchangeable, but that doesn't seem to be happening.

2 prototype pics of the Wave 7 City Hunter and Big Red


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