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2013 Movie Heroes Class II Vehicles - Yoda Boxes

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Looks like Wave 1 is finally up for Pre-Order at EE with a January ship date.

"Fight the separatists with this awesome group of starfighters. "

Jango Fett likes to fight Separatists, when he's, you know, not working for them.  :P

Captain Piet:
So the cancellation of the rest of the prequel trilogy in 3D is the ultimate FU to these things. I love it!

As I said in the "Big Lots Won't Sell 'Em for a Buck" 12 inch thread, I actually bought the Slave I at Target this past Sunday. Had it not been for my Boba Fett/Mandalorian character focus, I would not have gone near this with a ten foot pole. It might be the absolute worst Hasbro toy I have ever intentionally purchased and is an insult to not only collectors, but also the kids and parents at whom it is focused.

Remember the Cruise Missile Trooper?  IT IS WORSE THAN THAT. At least the CMT, with all its flaws, shortcomings, and horrid concept, was made out of quality plastic and had decent deco/paint, and you felt like you were getting your 14 dollars' worth, even if it was a horrible idea. You could see how a kid might enjoy it on some level, even if we were all rolling our eyes at its very existence. Despite its stupidity, it was obvious that someone at Kenner/Hasbro put an effort into the CMT and, fail though it did, Kenner/Hasbro learned a lesson and moved on.

This Slave I, however, is a collection of failure on a level that can't be accurately conveyed in text or pictures. Yes, it is ridiculously out of scale (it's about the size of the first Lego Boba Fett Slave I) and no thought seems to have gone into it. It weighs next to nothing, the paint is horrible, and the plastic is, quite simply, the same level of quality you'd see on a plastic Easter egg. I've compared it to every Slave I I have in my collection from multiple companies, and NOTHING feels as cheap as this. It's flimsy, it's weak, and it is just a disaster. Any kid who is still playing with Star Wars toys would break this within 2 days through no fault of their own, and the quicker these disappear from retail, the better because this is just sad and insulting. Michael Crawford's level of disgust with the 12" Anakin is hitting the nail on the head here, too, and Hasbro should be ashamed for even going this route. No kid is going to like this and if I were a kid, I'd rather get socks for my birthday than get this monstrosity.

Despite my general Hasbro pessimism, I do tend to be a bit forgiving when it comes to the quality of the toys themselves. This...thing, however, is just horrible and there's no excuse for it. It sucks as a collectible, it sucks as a toy, and I would say they deserve to rot in a landfill except that the ground would spit them out because they're that damn bad.

End overreactive hyperbole. In all seriousness, it's an awful toy on every level and a waste of time and resources.

Jesse James:
I think Hasbro, and the collecting world at large, grossly overestimates how gullible both kids and parents are, when it comes to levels of quality they expect in toys...  I think there's a lot of dismissive views.  I always just go back to my own childhood and how quickly I dropped Star Wars for G.I. Joe...  It wasn't even a debate in my 5-7 year old brain during those years.  G.I. Joe was simply better.


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