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2013 Movie Heroes Class II Vehicles - Yoda Boxes

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Hasbro has an aversion to making creatures. There's ample fauna they could've made from Clone Wars for the deluxe/class I series but instead chose to invent new vehicles.

Jesse James:
I had hopes for the tank to be scaled right back when it came out but when it was released I realized it didn't jive with any schematics of it...  Trust me it was undersized from the get-go and will just be moreso now.  :-\  I wouldn't say it was grossly undersized like some ships are (Slave-I, X-Wings, etc.), but it wasn't quite right.  Kind of like the Tatooine Skiff...  Close but no cigar.

The one I'd cite as possibly being an improvement is Vader's TIE...  There's a little argument dependant upon what you believe, with that ship.  I'm ok with the one we have though.

VolkerC posted some images of the first wave of Class 2 vehicles both packaged and loose.  And OMG does that version of Jango's Slave I look just RIDICULOUSLY small!

Wow.  I typically buy at least one of everything, but that Slave I is going to be a pass.

Might be good for Kubricks  ;)


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