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You didn't answer the question.

Didn't they cover him drinking in IM2?  I think that was probably enough.  I get your point Justin that it would have worked in IM3 but I also think they'd be rehashing something they already covered.  I still think IM3 was a big letdown...I still can't get over the whole kid subplot.

They set up the drinking storyline in earlier flicks, but never followed it through to him having a real problem with it.  I can take the kid, but panic attacks were clearly rewritten to replace drunken episodes and that didn't really work for me. 

Robert Downey Jr has been making the rounds promoting his new movie, The Judge.  Sure enough, the subject of Iron Man came up in interviews.  Notably, with both David Letterman and Ellen.  On Letterman he said that it wasn't happening, but he would be appearing in other Marvel Cinematic Universe projects.  But on Ellen he said that he's in negotiations with Marvel Studios.  So who knows what to believe?


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