Author Topic: Demilitarization Sale: L/M/C Animated Clone Troopers galore (and a few others)  (Read 891 times)

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My general OCD when it comes to outfitting my vehicle collection (i.e. realistic figures in realistic based vehicles; animated figures in animated vehicles) has finally reared its ugly head again and, as a result, I have a whole pile of loose/mint/complete animated Clone Troopers of various styles and flavors that no longer have a place in my collection.  All items are in fresh out of package condition and have been either stored in Plano tackle boxes or inside vehicles (such as the Turbo Tank or AT-TE) since I got them.  At this point, I only ship in the continental United States, and accept payment in US currency only (I also don't have PayPal, so it will probably need to be a US Postal Money Order unless you want to work something else out).  Shipping is extra, and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.  So, on to the list!


-2008 Clone Trooper (First Release with Battle Damage Wash) with blaster and rocket launcher (12 available)

-2008 Clone Pilot Odd Ball with blaster and rocket launcher (1 available)

-2008 212th Attack Battalion Clone Trooper (orange markings from Target 5 pack) with blaster (3 available)

-2008 Coruscant Guard Clone Trooper (red Senate markings from Target 5 pack) with blaster (3 available)

-2008 AT-TE Assault Squad Clone Trooper (gray markings from Battle Pack) with blaster, blaster rifle, and rocket launcher (8 available)

-2008 AT-TE Assault Squad AT-TE Gunner (gray markings from Battle Pack) with blaster and 2 blaster rifles (2 available)

-2009 41st Elite Corps Clone Trooper (green markings) with blaster and rotary cannon (9 available)

-2009 Clone Commander Gree with blaster rifle, pistol, and rocket launcher (1 available)

-2009 Commando Droid (from Rishi Outpost Assault Battle Pack) with blaster (1 available)

-2009 AT-TE Tank Gunner (basic release) with blaster and rotary cannon (2 available; 1 has green triangle on front of helmet, 1 does not)

-2010 ARF Trooper (Teth Jungle Camo) with blaster, rotary cannon, display stand, trading card, and die (3 available)

-2010 Hailfire Droid Attack Squad Clone Trooper (green markings from Battle Pack) with blaster, display stand, and trading card (1 available)

-2011 Aqua Droid with arm cannon, display stand, trading card, and die (1 available)


-2008 Mygeeto Super Battle Droid (silver/black from Battle Pack) (1 available)

-2008 Shadow Clone Commander and Clone Trooper (Order 66 style Convention two pack) with 2 blasters, antenna, 2 pistols, and 2 Biker Scout pistols (1 available): $8.00 for set

-2009 Droid Factory Cortosis Battle Droid (SBD from WM 2 pack with cannons where hands should be) (1 available)

-2010 Legacy Collection HK-50 (Build-A-Droid from ESB wave) with blaster rifle

-2010 Vintage Collection Endor Rebel Commando (Bald White Guy with Goatee) with backpack, rifle, and helmet

-2004 Saga Deluxe/Ultra Jabba the Hutt with removable tongue, hooka pipe, bowl, frog, and railing: $6.00

Also available:

-2008 Animated Clone Wars Battle of Christophsis Target Exclusive Ultimate Battle Pack remnants:  includes Loose/Mint/Complete AT-AP (red markings), 2 x AT-AP Clone Troopers (white with red logos on shoulder pads with 1 blaster and 1 blaster rifle), CIS AAT (blue/gray markings) and 2 x AAT Battle Droids (lighter tan than regular release with 2 x blasters and 2 x rocket launcher blasters).  Basically, you get everything from the Battle Pack L/M/C EXCEPT the Anakin and SBD repacks which, again, ARE NOT INCLUDED.  Total cost for AT-AP, AAT, and 4 figures listed above: $28.00

Thanks for looking!