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For Sale: My whole Star Wars collection, mostly POTF2 carded.


master blaster:
Hi there. I'm selling my entire Star Wars collection. It is almost entirely made up of carded POTF2 figures. I also have a few loose vintage figures, including a snowspeeder. There are 95 pieces in total. I will sell them individually, or a few at a time, or all at once -- whichever makes the most sense at the time.

I am a lifelong Star Wars fan from Michigan. I had a SW collecting renaissance in the mid-90's. Since then, I have been hauling my collection around with me from place to place. It's time to move on.

I made a simple web page with thumbnails to photos of every figure. I have taken high resolution photos of each piece. Also I have listed details for each figure such as series #, collection #, type of bubble, type of peg hook, and information on variants. Interestingly enough, quite a few pieces from my collection are variants that did not exist on the POTF2 master lists. They are highlighted in bold text on the web page.

**********The URL for the page is

There are no ads or anything malicious on my site. It is simply much easier and intuitive to direct potential buyers to a well-designed table of all my figures with photos, rather than a clumsy text-only list pasted onto a forum.

My email address is listed on the website - please direct inquiries to me that way.

I have graded each carded or boxed piece using the Brian's Toys grading scale, with C9 being mint. The scale can be found here:
I consider my grading to be accurate and highly objective. Please consult the high resolution photos to decide for yourself.

I don't normally deal in collectibles, but I do have a bunch of positive feedbacks as a seller on eBay, for what that's worth. If you contact me I can provide further details.

Thank you for looking!


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