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Disney Buys LFL

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--- Quote ---Iger is busy readying the machinery that will crank out Star Wars-related toys and theme park attractions and whatever Disney deems as appropriate franchise exploitation. He says hes looking to expand sales of Star Wars merchandise overseas and that ABC and Lucasfilm are discussing a live-action TV series. At the same time, Iger says he doesnt want to do anything that might detract from the upcoming movies. I dont want to overcommercialize or overhype this, he says. Its my job to prevent that.

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Star Wars become overcommercialized or overhyped?! Perish the thought! Disney knows what they are doing, it's not like they put Mickey Mouse on everything... ;)

That's why they have the vault.  You won't see it again for the next few years.

So has anyone compiled a list of stuff that Disney has axed since the Great Takeover?

Off the top of my head I've got:

- Clone Wars cartoon/Lucasfilm Animation
- 3D movie rereleases
- Lucasarts/Video Game division
- Star Wars Comics (rumored to be switching from Dark Horse to Marvel)
- Hasbro toy line :P

Anything I'm missing here?

It's interesting that Disney did so many cutbacks when they bought LFL. When they bought Pixar and Marvel they left everything alone and told them to continue without interference. They then buy LFL and its cuts everywhere. I guess you don't mess with an engine that is firing on all cylinders. LFL sure wasn't. It's like Lucas was actively trying to destroy his IP.

Kill Lucasfilm animation - no need to have that when you have Pixar. Besides LFL is using similar software and Detours makes the IP into a joke. You don't see Disney doing that with Mickey. That's a poor way to grow a brand.

3D movie re-releases - there is no point to re-releasing these movies in such poor state. 3D was poorly done for ep1 and it was a marketing failure that we still have to live with to this day. These movies should be presented to a new generation without gimmicks and less 3rd party marketing campaigns.

Lucasarts - This division has not released a self published title in years. Most of what has come out recently has been bad. Making an adult star wars game alienates its core audience of kids that Disney wants to keep.

Star Wars comics - cheaper to do them in house then deal with a third party.

Hasbro toy line - poor distribution, bankrupt ideas, poor quality, out of control prices. It's good to put this in to carbon freeze for a while. When the toys return, they will fly off the shelf again.

Good luck George on those smaller independent movies you've always wanted to make. I hope they do better than Red Tails. Remember, a special effect without a story is a pretty boring thing. 

Qui-Gon Jim:
I think that anything that is not family friendly will be shuttered.  The "adult" games?  Cancelled.  TCW, while marketed to children, was not at all in the same family friendly "place" that the OT and even TPM is.  The violence in this show was over the line, even when compared to RotS. 

Whether the vocal internet adult fans like it or not, SW is a family brand, and Disney will now bring it back to where it was and the changes that have slowly crept in since RotS and Lucas lost interest in the brand will be turned around.  You won't see Family guy parodying any more, and that is also why Detours was shut down.


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