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1:6 Roman Legionary


Angry Ewok:
This from Kaustic Plastik, a Roman company. Metal and wooden pieces. Quite awesome.

Angry Ewok:

The Legionary on the right is out of the box. The Optio on the left I've been tweaking here and there as they were basically identitical to begin with. Head swapped Optio with a Soldier Story EOD head, the feathers on the helm I made with a paper towel. Gonna hem the pants, or make a longer pair of trousers (braccae), too.

Pretty proud of these. The Optio is one of only 100 made, the Legionary one of only 600. 

Those look fantastic. :o Thanks for sharing.  Any full body shots by chance?

Angry Ewok:

I haven't tied the boots correct because, sadly, these are INCREDIBLY fragile... I swear something breaks everytime I touch them. They're more like museum pieces, a model kit, than Sideshow or Hot Toys figures, which are more doll-like.


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