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Walmart Black Friday 8-Packs

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Insight into those Black Friday Wal-Mart 8 packs

Chances to get Clone Trooper Draa, Shaak Ti, Quilan Voss, zombie Geonosian.

And Scuba Ahsoka, Commander Wolfe.

Wow, that's shocking...some of those are great assortments!

I may have to bite, hoping one of those has the single carded Mando as well...

Not sure where else to post this, but am curious about the new Walmart 8-pack assortments.

Other than the Yakface report, is there any specific info out there about what the precise case assortments will be available? There appear to be several.

Also, more importantly, when should we expect to see these on display in Walmarts? I would assume by Black Friday but maybe later.

Curious what other may be hearing/seeing...thanks!

These are going to be out (theoretically) after 8pm on Thursday.

Jesse James:
In the past, the assortments have been kind of consistent, but they were always 2-packs, not 8, so who knows.


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