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I haven't seen any new figs at 5 Below since aroudn the holidays (I hit the one in Monroeville, and occasionally the one in Pigh Mills)!

If you think of it and ever see new figs show up there, please shoot me an email.  I've been trying to gra one of ea. now that they are $5.


By the way they just got in the Fighter Pods.  4 packs are $3.  At that price, I grabbed 2 packs for the kids.

I found more Wal-Mart TPM figures at Five Below yesterday. It was an odd assortment (no gungans, two each of the Destroyer and R5 droids, then one each of the rest) so it looks like they might be splitting cases. I happily picked up the Maul and Sand People, which were the two figures not present the first time I found the wave, as well as the two Destroyer Droids. This wave did suck at $10 per figure, but at $5 it's really great!

I scored some DTF figures a couple of days ago, too.  At $5 a piece I was happy to pick up another Tusken Raider, the Gungan and the R5 droid.

Jesse James:
Saw a mix at 5 Below tonight.  Checked for my 2nd DD tonight but it wasn't there to be had.  They had some good figures, Naboo Pilots and whatnot, but I wasn't interested in more at the moment.  Staying strong on more things from a movie I have grown to not really like.

Word is that 5 Below is stocking the Malgus wave.


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