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Jesse James:
I picked up the Republic Drop Ship thingie in the Yoda Packaging the other day...  For $19.99 these were nice I think.

First the CLone is a great figure in and of itself...  removable helmet, clean deco...  Just a good army biulder to have, lots of articulation, and while the cockpit's not made for most any current figure on the market, I can get him into it holding the controls, and close the canopy, and no problems.  That ship's cockpit is really just a hair too small.

My only gripe with that ship in general otherwise is the "landing strut" is like a cannon but not...  It's pretty dumb.  They should've made it a search light, and given it a bit of a pod foot so it actually functioned.  This vehicle hates to stand upright like it landed, and the two guys on back make it even less stable.

I love the ship's concept...  Liked it in red, and appreciate a blue one.  I'm going to do a 501st one since that's what it's for and all, and add a couple troops the to back.  This one I'll be basically leaving alone.  I plan to put another pilot in though, a blue 501st one of sorts even if I must custom it.

I just don't like the design of the landing strut for the most part.  I'm pondering removing some weaponry too, it's just overarmed really for anything that small, but better to remove parts than have to add, like the landing thing.  I actually have a cool idea how I'll make that a lot better and actually look like a practical piece of of the vehicle and not a half-assed cannon thing.

The only real gripe with the new Class-I format is the other figure is crap...  The Battledroid is as prone to falling as any droid I have on my shelf, and less poseable to acheive a good balance I've found.  His articulation is low and his quality looks nothing short of cheap to me (shiney plastic, limited paint, etc.), so he'll be in the pile of dead droids I guess.  He'll serve a purpose but not as an appreciated figure I guess.

Bought the Class I 501st AT-RT tonight.  That whole wave seems to have gotten a little scarce, so I wasn't going to try doing any bargain hunting for the final remaining Class I vehicle that I had yet to score.

Meijer clearanced these out at $ seems. They were all gone, all I saw was a red shelf tag.

I think it's weird that Target clearanced the Class II ships but not these. Most of the ones I frequent have a LOT more Class I's to get rid of too.

ps - nobody is buying that crap at 30% off, Target. You gotta go 50-70% off if you want to move that garbage.

Jesse James:
Got a Freeco at Tuesday Morning...  I too would dig seeing these hit clearance, as I'd probably nab a few more AT-RT's, another Yoda Fighter, and a couple more dropships if I could.  I like all of them ultimately, though Yoda's fighter left me kinda disinterested after I got it.  I could see using the droid head though and making a Yaddle version for poops and giggles.


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