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So, yeah....  I think NECA might have me on this line too....

Definitely buying Hicks and Hudson and the Warrior alien.  NECA just posted new pics of these painted figures on their facebook page - so awesome!  "Aliens" is one of my favorite movies of all time.

As for Prometheus, that one is tougher.  I feel like if I go down that hole I will be compelled to collect everything from that movie series as well.  I do like the TRU 2 pack, but other than that I am not sure I just want the other characters since they are just standard, human like figures.

this is the awesomeness I am talking about right here!

though I think Hicks could have a better face sculpt.  NECA cant seem to nail the actor's likeness imo - their Reese figure in the Terminator line doesn't look that great either.

prometheus new figures:

Are there supposed to be pictures on that page? All I see is text...

I checked out the David figure over at BBTS this weekend and it looks really cool. Getting harder to resist this line, I must say.

I don't understand WTF "Deacon" is though? I probably forgot, but where is a tiny alien in the movie? Why did someone decide it needed a Christian name?

You never saw at the end of the movie where the alien comes out of the engineer/space jokey or whatever they are called?!?!?!   That is the best part of the entire movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It is like just after the start of the credits or something.

and yes there are images on the links page.  packaged images of David and Deacon (not sure why he is called Deacon either).  And at the very bottom of the page there is an image from the back of the packaging which shows preview shots of both mutated Holloway and Fifield.


--- Quote ---The creature's production name became known as "The Deacon" because according to Prometheus director Ridley Scott its head looks like a Bishop's mitre, the Christian church Deacon's pointed hat.
--- End quote ---


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