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Great inexpensive plastic cases!


Just an idea I thought I'd share. (no idea why it took me so long to post)  Clear Plastic cases on a budget!

I had a leftover clear plastic case for stadard size footballs.  The loose vintage Jabbas playset fits in it perfectly! It looks like I spent a fortune on the case!

I was able to find some plastic cases for under $10 I beleive, and I know Michaels and other places have some that go on thier half off sale every so often (footballs, basketballs, etc.)and they have some nice high end ones on sale from time to time as well.  Even the cheap ones look great, and while not exactly made for SW collectibles, they work great on certan items without having to spend the $$$$ for custom jobs (even though I have some great Oscars cases custom cases as well).


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