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Qui-Gon Jim:
There is a different view from the outside looking in on this guys...  From the perspective of a New Englander, it was really something to watch the city, and really the entire region come together in defiance of what those scumbags did.  This team has spent the entire year living this, and while there is certainly some "marketing" about this, to the guys on the team and the fans in the stands, "Boston Strong" was very much real.

In the aftermath of the win, there were a few wingnuts "celebrating" in an inappropriate manner, but in the entire city there were only 9 arrests, and most of them were those idiots that flipped a car.  That car's owner, BTW, was the beneficiary of a kickstarter that someone started to make it right, and the extra money that people donated went to the One Fund to benefit the victims of the bombing.

I get that people are sick of Boston and their success in the last decade (8 championships across the four major sports), but know that Boston Strong means more than words on a poster around here.


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