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Season 6 is 100% confirmed courtesy of Jedi Uk Toy News Fair or whatever the heck that thing was over there. Funny thing is, the slide says it will run from July-December 2013. Huh?

I know TV seasons don't always coincide overseas, but that seems way early to me. I can't help but wonder if Cartoon Network will follow suit, or at least move up the normal schedule so we're not waiting til September.

I just hope this means more toys this year.

I think we definitely need to add Darth Maul with his new robotic legs and Savage Opress with his robotic arm to the discussion.  And some more Mandalorians would be most welcome, too!

Just because I was looking at the finale again, the Jedi Temple Guard is a must have. Probably will never see the light of day. I'm hoping the rumored Maul in the upcoming Legends line is the CW 2.0 version of him, and we continue to see more CW figures.

Jesse James:
I liked the guards, but they were REALLY lame. :)  Looked cool.  Did dick.


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