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In regards to the new ongoing series, SW #1 came out 1/9/2013.   Apparently the first printing sold out, and they are ALREADY doing a second print.  Wow.  Great news.

Supposedly the second printing will have the Logo, wording etc. on the back cover or inside back cover or something.  The cover will be just the plain Alex Ross art (not saying his art is plin, just that there will be no text over it).


By the way it's a great read!  Great art.  Vader is done a bit differently than you sometimes see him.. a slight bit of a Manga style to him.  i'm ot a fan of Manga, but this works for me.  Pretty good stuff.

Highly recommend!

I've been reading a lot of positive reviews for this online this week, definitely looking forward to checking it out (it should arrive on my doorstep tomorrow I think).  I've really been anticipating this series since it was announced, and hope it can continue on even with the likely switchover to Marvel coming down the road.  Either way, looking forward to reading it.

Picked this up this past week, read it the other night and it wasn't half bad! Takes place roughly a few weeks after the Battle of Yavin, so it's cool to see some OT goodness. Decent story setup as well.

bobafett14:'s the latest on SW #1:

* Sold out in 24hrs. !!!!  That' pretty good for a SW comic.
* A second printing is scheduled.  Supposedly the second print will only have the Alex Ross art, no text.
* There are going to be 4 variant covers coming out around the time of issues #4-#7. Interesting, and want all of them!
* The first print of SW #1 (checking into it the first weekend after it came out 1/13/2013) is going anywhere from about $10 to $30+.  That's fantastic... I don't think I've seen this much excitement for a SW comic since around Dark Empire!

Love it!  All good news!

Issue 2 of this series is out this Wednesday (February 13) if anyone wants to check it out.


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