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--- Quote from: I Am Sith on May  1, 2013, 04:13 PM ---BTW, thought this was pretty funny too last night.  Not sure that any of you non-Chicagoans caught this in real time, but thankfully Yahoo! picked it up:

--- End quote ---

And she got fired for it.  Seriously?

I Am Sith:
No, she actually was let go for the things she did before she got to Chicago.  There was an article in the Tribune talking about her previous 'woman on the street' type broadcasts that are on YouTube.  It's pretty silly considering these were things that NBC Sportsnet should have investigated prior to hiring her...

Live from Xcel Energy Center.  :)

Here we go boys.... overtime(s).

Congrats on the win Jeff!   :D
And those stubborn Islanders are proving to be have some pretty fight in them against the Pens.

Yay Bruins.   :)


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