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new junk mixing into old resets...and yes the figures look like garbage.

Yeah, new stock in old shelves... Iron Man 3 occupying Avengers space with old Avengers stuff, Spidey and Star Wars doing the same


--- Quote from: Greg on January 31, 2013, 09:26 PM ---Hopefully some poor soul takes one for the team and reviews the new Class 2 vehicles. I really want to see how silly they look next to the normal versions without, ya know, shelling out any cash.

--- End quote ---

I actually bought the Slave I, just because Boba Fett (and Mandalorians, in general, I guess) is my character focus. And yeah, it's pretty sad on just about every level (not the least of which is that I bought it to begin with). I'll post more thoughts in that thread, but wow, is it small and undetailed and just crappy.

I saw the new ones today in what I suspect will be a common experience: 0 Vaders and tons of pegwarming Obis and Anis.


Pics of these are Up Now for the one or two people who are collecting these. :P


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