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Since the whole line is starting from scratch, I don't even know what to ask them.  Perhaps, "WTF?"

Jesse James:

Hasbro - "Yes, we're really pleased with what we have shown with our Star Wars brand going forward.  We'd now like to open up to a brief Q&A period.  Yes, you in the black shirt with the haircut, start us off please."

Black shirt guy with the haircut - "Yeah, so, WTF?"

Hasbro - "I'm sorry, but is that to something specific?"

Black shirt guy with the haircut - "No, just a general 'WTF?' to all things Star Wars, by Hasbro, and thank you for your time responding."

And Scockery is right...  At some point this past year, they did announce that the Class I's were kind of supplanting their battlepack format I believe.  To be honest, I'm glad.  The battlepacks had been killed at this point.  If they're going to do multi-packs at all I'd prefer seeing them go exclusive since those have been quite superior to anything else.  Price hasn't always been great but sales usually helped that along, and no battlepack really had anything great in it for the price either.  So to that end, I'm glad they're dead.


Here's a Q "I was reading that Iron Man figures were going to be 6:00, and have less articulation.  Is this the way that SW is going?"

Personally, if they did this with style, like the Bespin Luke fro the recent Battle Pack, I'd be ok with it.  If they made the main line, simpler, and more cost effective, and then 20-25 Vintage style figures a year, I think that would be good.

But you know they will make it 6 points, add no accessories and raise the price a dollar.


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