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Where has everyone gone since the Christmas break?!

Well, I've been lurking occasionally. But there's not much excitement in Kubrickland that's for sure. I don't know if you check ebay regularly for Kubricks, but I've been excited by the recent DX2 Rebel chase figures for sale lately. I wish I had an extra $150, which is what they both went for... oh well..

I didn't know they had both, I got the rebel commander but would have loved the at st commander

Still lots of Kube fans on JD - there just isn't much to talk about.  I wish there was some new news out of Medicom.  Even bad news would be better than the silent treatment after all these months.

I'd sure like to have some kubrick news to talk about too. Still hoping to add Lobot, bespin leia, and a few others to the mix at some point. A cloud city box set at $80 would be great. Get Lobot, Leia, that metallic c-3po, a bespin guard, and han solo in there, or switch 3po out for an ugnaught.


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