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It seems that 6 inch figure rumors are floating around, with RS just posting something interesting.  Rumor is that  Gentle Giant and Hasbro who do Marvel Legends together ( is that right?) might have some Star Wars figures in the works.

At this point, I'm totally cool with that idea.  I've always wanted to see larger, well articulated figures.  And while what I love about the 3 3/4 is that the character selection is deep,  I know that larger figure collection won't get into obscure characters.  So, going into I know it will be somewhat limited.  I'm very curious about this if it comes up.  Who knows, maybe there will be some Toy Fair surprises.

There have been so many rumors since the Droid Factory Melt-Down.
- Hasbro is developing in-house 6" line for collectors
- Hasbro is moving to 6" scale for Episode VII
- Hasbro is letting Disney do a 6" line exclusive to their parks/stores
- Hasbro/GG team up for Star Wars Legends line

There has been a lot of smoke, it will be interesting to see if there is any fire... or more accurately, where that fire is located - regular retail or the Disney parks/stores. :P

And, I'll just go on record again that if they do a 6" line, I'm just not interested.  I'm too old to start over, especially at the $15/16 price point that these would invariably have.  More power to those that would buy, but not me.  I don't have the room.

Something about their story doesn't sound right. I don't ever remember hearing the GG was involved with Legends. Diamond Select does the Marvel Select 6-7" figures though.

I saw the RS post.  Let's wait and see. 

After this Droid Factory fiasco, the scaling down of the starfighter vehicle line, and the shrinkage of Star Wars shelf space at retail, do we REALLY believe that Hasbro is going to double down on Star Wars and launch a new scale of figures?  And mind you, this is IN ADDITION to the 12" figure line that has just started showing up at retail?

I don't think a new scale is difficult to believe.  It's a way to up the price point and get people to buy figures they already have.  I won't be at all surprised to see this, but I be they hold off until we're closer to the movie years.

Personally, I'm going to skip them outside of maybe a Fett or 1-2 other cool characters.  Redoing my Star Wars room has shown me I already have way more than enough stuf to display. 


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