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NEW Star Wars Golf Bag prototype


I was at the PGA show in Orlando, FL this past wek, and o Sat. I happened to spot a Star Wars golf bag behind the Hornung's booth.  Cought my eye, and come to find out it' a prototype.  it looks great, and supposed to sell around $150 (better than the $500 or whatever it was price tag on the last one)

It's black with th classic Star Wars gold logo in a few spots includng the strap.  It has a Vader helmet pocet (picture te Vader vinyl club cover only slapped on the side of the bag as a pocket.  The embroidery was awesome.  It had the Vader helmet embroidered on the side.  They are telling me that it will be changed to the full Vader costume, flowing cape and all eventually, and is still in the works.

Neat stuff, unfortunately no pics allowed, and once I asked he hid it bhind the booth.

I Am Sith:
Crap, sounds like I bought my Taylor Made Catalina 3.0 golf bag too early.  That would have been perfect!  Can't wait to see the pictures of the final version!


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