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The Clone Wars - Season Six?

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I'll just go ahead and lob this one out there...

Cartoon Network hypes their 2013-2014 schedule/plans...  and there's no Clone Wars mentioned.   :-X

So... which is it:
- they didn't mention Clone Wars because they are still negotiating season six with the new Disney-owned LFL.
- they didn't mention Clone Wars season six because there is no season six.
- they didn't mention Clone Wars because it's moving to DisneyXD.
- they just forgot to mention it because it's been so lackluster the past two years they forgot they even air it.

Place your bets and speculate away!

Jesse James:
Moving to Disney...  I think there's another season in the tank but I think the door's closing.  They really tanked it this year, and I can only fathom viewership is at an all-time low.  People will cite the move to Saturday Morning and maybe that didn't help, but neither did the content.

All year the kids and my gf have made fun of this series.  Even last weekend's episode, and it was good, was picked apart by them for its flaws, and it did have flaws.  It was good for this season, but not a top 5 episode to me.  Just good for the season it's crammed into.

I say it moves to Disney, Disney tries to either revive or give it one more year, and move along... move along.

Since Season 5 is being cut short, there's 3 episodes in the can (Clovis/Padme arc) that have to go somewhere.

I agree, it's over to Disney to close out the series.

Jesse James:
And that's a best case scenario.  I don't know how Disney works its TV stuff but I imagine if the ratings aren't there, they'll can it before it's even done.


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