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Rumor: No more 3D Prequel Releases?

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Interesting that said postponed instead of canceled.

I'm curious why many of the media outlets claim that TPM 3D underperformed. How much was it supposed to make? It was a 1999 film that was just released on Blu Ray a few months prior that many people already owned on DVD and VHS. Was it supposed it gross 100 million domestically?

Oddly enough, I am a bit bummed that I won't be able to see ROTS in 3D. That was the one I thought would look coolest in the format, plus I just wanted to see it again on the big screen. Hopefully all six movies, or just the OT, get re-released as special limited engagements. I really enjoyed seeing Raiders in Imax last year, and would love to have that same opportunity with Star Wars.

Jesse James:
By all accounts at the time, LFL needed TPM3D to do a minimum of like $20mil which it barely did that, if I recall...  I think it's tough to look at TPM3D and say it did well.

Star Wars is used to re-releasing stuff, and people ******* to it, and they clearly didn't for this.  I think they just thought we'd put it out, and everyone would come back and watch.  They've really hung onto the notion that TPM was a great film...  I don't think you could tell them any different, and then last February they got a wake-up call.  I'd not be shocked, at all, if Lucas maybe sped up his retirement plans based on that, just a little bit, in the back of his head.

He's very unapologetic, not that he needed to, but I feel like he honestly didn't believe the criticism of the prequals.  He figured they were every bit as good, or better, than the OT, in his mind, and he wasn't really into hearing anything to the contrary.

That is very interesting. I initially thought that maybe the profits from the 3D re-releases were supposed to fund the sequel trilogy. At one movie a year, that doesn't seem likely though. The Blu-Ray box sets were wildly successful though.

--- Quote ---Variety is reporting that Star Wars has sold more than one million units in only a week on the markiet, shattering records for the high-definition format, and further cementing Blu-ray's dominance as the home video format of choice.

Despite an average list price of $79.99, the nine disc set generated more than $84 million in worldwide sales. U.S. sales accounted for $38 million of that total, with 515,000 units sold in North America.
--- End quote ---

That was September of 2011. Expecting families to shell out 3D ticket prices for TPM just four months later is a tough sell. Still, TPM3D opened to 22m and grossed 44m domestically. It earned 102m worldwide. I'm just not sure what a realistic number would have been to be deemed successful.

Jesse James:
I know I heard something like it had to make 20 or 22 mill for them to continue with the others, and it barely did that in its first weekend, which was at the time considered a failure.

Thinking about it, re-releases for SW were huge.  It hadn't been in theaters since 2005, then TPM3D comes out and it's just not the big lines, the excitement...  It wasn't here anyway.


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