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Snively Bandar:
Just a photoshopped mock-up of R2 (too big), but I thought it was interesting nonetheless...

Our pictures are starting to trickle into our image gallery.  Here's a look at the Hasbro press images for the first wave of 6" figures:

Jabba the Slug:
Luke looks great, R2 looks great, but there's something about the Maul figure that bothers me. And that's the one I wanted the most, too!!!! >:( Maybe it's the headsculpt. Doesn't look much like Ray Park. I kinda wanted alternate hands with these figures, too, but I gotta remember these aren't Sideshow Collectible figures. Getting all those extra accessories would make these cost more.

R2, though... R2 looks awesome.

Pretty please, with the Darth Vader soon.

I think I am in for the OT figures. I thought Maul would tempt me but not at all.

I think I'm probably all in on these, at least for the OT figures.  The ones we've seen look pretty amazing (I especially like R2, with Maul being the weakest I think too), and I like the whole 3 to 1 OT to PT ratio they are going with.  That's about right.  I still feel that the heart of Star Wars action figures should be 3 3/4", and I'd definitely be more upset about this scale if they said the new movie(s) were going to have their entire lines be 6" with no smaller scale stuff, but as its own seperate line, I'm ok with it.

Plus, the way I look at it, it isn't like they are doing things that we need in the 3 3/4" line.  We have fine versions of Luke X-Wing, R2, Sandtrooper and Maul already, so these don't interfere with that.  It will be nice to have a shelf of the OT characters in this scale...I'm actually pretty excited about these, but that may be the minority here on the forums.  It may just be due to most of the 3 3/4" stuff being stuff we've seen before, but these (along with the exclusive vehicles/packs) were the most exciting stuff for SW from Toy Fair I thought.


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