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I'm torn on these. The R2 and Sandtrooper look so amazing.


--- Quote from: Darth_Anton on May 31, 2013, 09:24 AM ---I'm torn on these. The R2 and Sandtrooper look so amazing.

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I totally agree.   I think this will be a 'wait to see how they look in person at retail' purchase.

Rune Haako:
You can now pre-order these on

I'm not sure if anyone has seen the production photos of R2.  It's really lacking in detail an paint.  I'm getting very torn about this line.  When it was first announced, I was 100% in, but after seeing some product I am not too sure.  Here's the thing, for 20.00 I expect something "better" than what I get for 10.00.  Not just bigger.  I juts don't know if these are worth 20.00.  When Sideshow announced that they were making 12 inch SW, I was all in.  But then I saw that the human faces were sometimes lacking.  For 130-150.00 I expect top notch work.

I think that's maybe why I like the small figures. I accept the flaws and shortcoming because there's only so much that can be done for 10.00.

Who knows.  I might flip out and love the 6 inch figures in the store.

For folks trying to track down the upcoming 6″ Black Series figures, plug DPCI 087-06-1941 in the system to aid in your search.


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