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darth broem 2:
I am shocked about it as well.  But we all know Vader will either be the SDCC exclusive or in wave 2.  I am hoping for a 3 stage removeable helmet with a Sebastian Shaw Anakin head underneath.  I assume Boba Fett would be in series 2.  Perhaps Chewabacca?  Yeah, I would like a Han Solo (Cantina outfit) version.  I don't know if they will go with 4 OT figures though?


--- Quote from: Jesse James on January 31, 2013, 09:51 PM ---I'm shocked no Vader in Series 1...  not sure how you kick it off without him.  Goes against everything I ever learned about this hobby.

--- End quote ---

I agree.  And everything that Hasbro talks about featuring "iconic" characters.

Greedo confirmed via Hasbro and Entertainment Earth

So Greedo in Wave 2 must be Hasbro's way of indicating to collectors that it's not going to be all main characters in the 6" line. 

I'm still not really interested in collecting the 6" stuff, but more and more I'm thinking it might be fun to buy a few of the cantina-centric ones (assuming of course they make more cantina centric ones - Hammerhead, Ponda, Snaggletooth, etc).  ::)

Are we sure it's Greedo? It's supposed to be a hint and it says "never before seen figure." The arrows point specifically to the arm.


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