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6" Black Series Wave 2 (2013 Wave 2)

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Dressel Rebel:
There's something about joints in flesh of female figures that just does not work.  Leia does look bad.

Han, Greedo and Fett are all win.

Carrie is short.

Jesse James:
What a set though...  wow was she attractive in her prime.  :-\

I like how the two look, then her...  Seems about right from all the stories told.

I received a set of these from BBTS, but haven't had a chance to open them yet.  They all look pretty nice overall though, with Leia probably being the weakest of the bunch.  The Han looks great, and with all the accessories/extra hands seems the most worthy of the higher pricepoint.  I really like these and can't wait to get them open, but still feel that $15-17 would be a better price.  I am enjoying the OT-heaviness of these so far though, something we hadn't really seen for awhile in the basic lineup.

Added Leia to the collection today. Hips certainly look funny


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