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Even TRU management didn't want to stop a figure swapper

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Dressel Rebel:
The last couple years I have been noticing a figure swapper striking at my local TRU.  Kind of annoying when I see a wave put out, see the package of a figure I want, only to find a POTF2 figure swapped into the bubble.

The last couple months it really heated up.  Every week, every other week, I'd find 2 more.  I started turning the figures into Customer Service everytime, explaining what to look for, gotta say, they could not give a ****.  I said to them, one of these times I'm gonna show you these figures, and you'll say, "Yeah, that guy just returned those 30 minutes ago, I know who that was!"  But no they didn't really care much about possibly stopping them.

So today I am in there and find 2 more swapped out.  This time, I show the manager.  It took him a minute to understand what was happening, only after I put 2 of the same figure side by side, showed him the swapped one, and the real one.  The take home message?  "Nah we can't really do anything about that."  Actually he seemed kind of impressed how the swap was so flawless and seamless.

So there it is.  Showed everyone from customer service to the store manager.  Nobody cares.

If I were the manager, I would say, okay, CSM reps, for the next month anyone who receives a star wars figure return, call me over.  They would have this guy in 1-2 weeks.

But I am telling you they just don't care to stop it, and quite frankly, actually seemed kind of impressed.


That seems REALLY sad and considering that Toys R Us was the biggest victim in that Mother/Son Toy Swapping scam from almost two years ago, you would think that at least all TRU employees at the Management level would have been trained and more vigilant to protect against the swapping problem.

Jesse James:
I've run into it both ways...  Sometimes they care, sometimes not.  I think it just depends on the quality of the employee (especially managers...  I feel the guys getting MW for stocking shelves will never care because, that's just how I always experience things).

K-Mart locally had a swapping issue, and it was nipped in the bud immediately when I brought it to the attention of the people at the CS desk.  They even requested the manager so I could explain it to them.

That said, this same store refused to look for something I wanted once, which I knew they had in stock, and they just gave me the run-around.  It's all in who you get.

Swapping is something I see a little more...  Not rampant, but I see it more.  It mostly was happening with this one K-Mart though and now nothing for a long time.

I haven't seen much of this lately, but Mpls has definitely seen its share of swaps over the years.  I can't decide if I'm more bothered by the highly deceptive figure swap or the bold just steal the figure out of the package right there at the store. 


--- Quote from: Dressel Rebel on January 30, 2013, 04:31 PM ---But I am telling you they just don't care to stop it, and quite frankly, actually seemed kind of impressed.

--- End quote ---

That's a pretty disheartening story, you'd think at least management would have some interest in stopping this.


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